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Michael Rubman Assistant Director


The Full Story


Born and raised in Los Angeles, not knowing much of what the film industry was growing up, I ended up getting an opportunity from a neighbor at the age of 18. I jumped on the opportunity and fell in love with being on a set  As a youth I played hockey and other team sports which helped me tune up my leadership characteristics, which helped me mold who I am now.  I'm an avid golfer in my off time trying to hone in my game with each chance.  I  ended up in the film industry over 2 decades ago.  I created a love of being on set and discovering the process of film making.   Along the way I found myself reaching out to the assistant directors on set, learning the skills of directing and all the details that involve making a project.  I saw that the AD position is a leader on set and I wanted to achieve that same position knowing I had those same qualities to lead the ship.  Rightfully so I became an AD, as such I've worked on many jobs and have lead many sets to their final goal.  I like to keep my set calm and cool with efficiency letting each department get the job done. I consider myself someone with great relationship skills who can be trusted, displayed with leadership and time management .  

This way everyone gets a chance at living the dream in the biz!

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